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This site is dedicated to provide up to date information about the club activities and provide photos of the events we sponsor. We hope you enjoy the information provided here and if not a member consider joining today. Throughout the year our events include trout stocking, tree pruning, youth day, hunter safety, snake hunt, fishing derby, food plots, friends of NRA, Unified Sportsmen, snowmobile trails, kayak/canoe races, and coyote hunt.

2015 Coyote Hunt Results

Largest Coyote – Robert Hendrickson – 46 lbs. 11 7/8 oz – payout $1878.00

Largest Female Coyote – Kevin Shaw – 41 lbs. 10 3/4 oz. – payout $1285.00

Total Coyotes Turned In – 19

Payout for Balance of Coyotes – $73.65 per Coyote

Largest Fox – Larry Bennett – 13 lbs. 4 7/8 oz. – payout $745.00

Total Foxes Turned  In Р4

SSA thanks everyone for their support!


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